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Why SEO is Important?

Two words are vital: search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). If you have neither of these elements in place, you can never be sure you will be successful at Internet marketing.

SEO: It is vital you have a presence in the natural listings of search engines. Of course, you will be able to get highly targeted traffic to your site, but without doing SEO, you have to rely on PPC ads to bring you traffic. Not only is PPC expensive, but you have to maintain it too.

Bottom line: SEO is the key to making long-term money with PPC.

PPC:As soon as you stop paying for PPC ads, your traffic will decrease almost overnight. When PPC stops, your budget will go soft. You cannot rely on PPC traffic to boost your bottom line.

Bottom line: SEO is absolutely crucial to your online success. Without SEO, you will be turning over the crucial marketing decisions to other people and they will be running the show, which means your will be spending a lot of money doing other things that may not help your situation. Conversely, if you expert SEO staff are doing their job, you can hold onto more of your revenue and still get the expected results. It is one of those ratios that is really worth exploring.

NewPage Optimization: It is almost impossible to get top rankings without keyword optimization. In fact, to get top organic search results, you may need to consider submitting your URL to Google. While this does affect your organic search traffic, it is only one of the many ways you can obtain that coveted first-page ranking.

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Bottom line: Don’tclassify your most important keywords as the same as your lowest-performing keywords. Statistics show that most searchers will not search engines but rather use different keywords when searching.

Next Steps

After you have done the research and brainstorming, come up with a short list of focuses for your site. Your goal will be to place keywords within your website that are relevant to your focus areas. Not sure what to focus on? Below you will find some suggested ideas as to what to do and what not to do.

What to do

Simply listing a bunch of keywords on your site is not enough. Think of the Why and the How of keywords. By identifying theWhy, you will gain insight into attracting customers to your focus. Next, we’ll look at theHow.

Consider keyword research tools, like those that come in different packages. When you consider theWhy, you are able to determine relevant keywords to the topic and how to incorporate keywords into the actual content or coding on your web site.

What not to do

Do not create a website that includes keywords that are not relevant to your focus. If you sell fishing supplies, do not include keywords that bring you the unrelated keyword of ‘fishing’. This will lead to your customers sending messages that will not make sense!

Avoid purchasing keywords that are only attractive in the broadest sense. For example, if you sell fishing supplies, do not use the word ‘fishing’ as a tag word that will explain your products. Use words on your site that explain the products. For example,

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What you can do is determine a list of Engrained questions, then find the best keywords to answer those questions.

Finally, you have to take into consideration your best chance of getting people to your site from the results of your efforts. You can accomplish this by having good information on your site. Here are some of the points you need to note:

As you can see from the points above, SEO is a process. You have to work at keeping your site current, informative and up-to-date. If you meet all of these points, you have a good chance of gaining good search engine rankings. Your website will become a favorite of many Internet users!

Have a good informative site content.

Have a site users can navigate easily.

Help the search engines by providing good relevant content.

assumption that the site will be relevant to the users search.

Accuracy, legibility and richness of the content.

Having a good content that users will find useful and interesting.

Having a complete, well-organized site, where everything that is presented has to be properly present.

And lastly having a good number of backlinks from other reputable websites, which will help your website to be found by many people.

encompass the whole SEO operation, you have to work at SEO on and off your website. This doesn’t mean you can’t neglect other things important in your business and personal life.

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