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Understanding the Place of Education in the Market

Understanding the Place of Education in the Market

The place of education in the market is as important as understanding the role of higher education in the market. It is not possible to talk of a school without discussing how important it is to have a well-equipped school. That being said, there is more to a school than instruction and transportation. A school needs other elements to be successful. A well-known brand name for one of these schools is essential. It is easy to see why well-known universities and schools are able to attract students. This message is understandable because most students have the perception that grades are the most important thing.

One of the reasons that students choose certain universities is the reputation of the school. An anonymous survey was done in 2004 by the Association of Commonwealth Universities. The respondents were undergraduate students who major in a variety of disciplines and the findings were fascinating. The surprising findings of the survey were that over 90% of students would choose their school based on reputation, and only 17% would consider the financial value of the degree.

Reasons for choosing a university are many and the most popular are the same reasons why students of other majors chose their school. This totally effect the place of education in the market.

Universities – How to Effect Place Of Education in the Market

Universities - How to Effect Place Of Education in the Market

It is said that parents want their child to be able to get a great job when they leave school. The Association of Commonwealth Universities found that over 70% of employers were most interested in the student’s educational background. When asked what qualities were important to the employers, the top 2 qualities were:

  1. A university which offers flexible schedules and supports students’ lifestyle choices (i.e. helping with childcare, travel, etc).2. The reputation for providing high quality education.
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A university’s transferred education costs are certainly higher in the UK. According to a UK Commission on University Excellence study, a student from a Top 12 university in the UK was estimated to spend over £85,000 on education and training during their time spent in the UK. The average cost of a British student over the period of a year rose to £31,000. These figures are based on a survey of university graduates and are the most comprehensive examination of university cost structure and student debt.

UK universities are characterized by high levels of diversity and offer a superb range of courses across the broad disciplines of: medicine, engineering, computers, humanities, law and others. Throughout the UK students have the option of moving across six or eight universities, taking courses at independent schools, or choosing to attend postgraduate programmes in the UK. The Postgraduate programmes in the UK are considered the most prestigious in the academic world.

More than 11,000 independent schools are available for the British students. If you want a British education at your fingertips, finding the right university is easy – with over 11,000 courses across the whole UK, you can find a university to suit you.

The biggest difference in the education in the UK is theiversity. British education system is famous for giving equal opportunity to all students and providing a wide array of courses and specializations. One can choose from Humanities, Art and Design, Business and finance, medicine, computing, advertising and services, fashion, Criticism, theatre and many more.

The UK has a89% English-speaking population. Students can choose to study across the island of Great Britain, where most courses are taught in English, or pursue a course internationally in English language and literature, which are taught in British English. Great Britain also has a bigmopolitan student community of over 36,000 pupils who are taking advantage of the best education opportunities. Great Britain offers its students globally renowned, focused curriculum and educational excellence.

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Great Britain is considered to place of education to have one of the most culturally rich communities in Europe. Students can experience the heritage of English, who are referred to as British as their native language, and the world-renowned theatre and music scenes. London is the capital of the UK. Once referred to be the ‘moral center of the world’, London has today earned its world-class status.

The student of international importance in UK is prepared for a life-changing experience. He/She will be placed in a multi-dimensional class of students and will have to make great efforts on every aspect. With help from a British or American advisor only, an international student can perform calculations competently. Planning a place of education meeting with a local student for a business meeting. Taking a job with a London company and learning the practical side of being an entrepreneur. Being successful in dealing with other international students will be no cakewalk. London offering international students on a number of courses is a convenient option.

The student of international importance in the UK receives world-class facilities. Both in the primary and secondary education levels, the UK curriculum promotes learner competence in the domains of English, mathematics, science and technology. The courses are designed to facilitate post 16 year olds to be fully equipped for the world ahead of them.

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