How to Find the Best Credit Card officer

As of my writing, there are more than 16 million people throughout the United States that are labeled as having bad credit — with a lot of these people not knowing it. When doing any research on the internet or through newspapers or magazines, there is a great deal of dishonest information out there from both sides of the business – Banks and Non Profit organizations. With identity theft at high rates, your money is at risk and so are your personal and family relationships. All of these groups are competing against each other in a rat race to shrink that small amount of identity theft or other fraudulent activity.

Credit Card Holders

It is so easy these days to get a credit card. Bank officers are giving them to high school students in exchange for a small deposit. Some of these credit card officer will offer you a card even if you are not qualified, showing you a friendly face that seems to want you to be their customer. But once you are committed, you’re looking at a monthly fee of over $200 and excessive annual fees, sometimes as high as $1000?

Never would have dreamed that you would be taken advantage of like this. Sadly, the bubble of credit card use, marketing and “Loohoo” has burst and so is the once friendly business environment, forcing some of the smaller credit card issuers into a near shut down and bankruptcy.

Uncovering All Your Options Is Crucial

If you are experiencing the issue of a latelyBank Credit Card Accountthat seems to have leaked all the information needed to be in good standing, then it might be wise to contact your local Professional liability Liability Liability (credit card liability) official for assistance. It is never too late to look into the options you have, to identify those that are truly Literate, and to assist, if the issue does get to that point. Issues you may discuss with your Professional Liability Liability Liability Officer, (credit card liability) include those with who changed your first name due to a request from their mother, or reported your identity to one or several credit reporting agencies that are obsessive about their credit records; or they found proof of your identity illegally. Fortunately, most Professional Liability Liability Officers are able to help you considerably.

In addition, these officers are to be found online, where you can find the best information about the state and also the Federal Government. This will allow you to find out if there are resources in your area that can offer you free liability advice and or liability assistance, should you need such assistance.

Not Helping at All

From debt cards to credit reports,and all parts of identity theft, and credit card scams, there are scam artists everywhere, ready to take your money and run. Honestly, they only want your money, but from an honest place, with intentions of assisting you. Since many individuals are new to this process, and may have very little experience in lieu of services, make sure to ask as many questions and receive multiple search results, before deciding on one company to do business with. Careful consideration should be applied as well as a good amount of due diligence.

How to Find the Best Credit Card officer
How to Find the Best Credit Card officer

Liability Strategies

If you have the time or the inclination, if you search the internet, you can find some amazing resources about credit repair services and other issues, such as identity theft. It helps you to research subjects like that so you can learn each lesson. If the scam concerns identity theft, then many companies are now offering identity theft insurance to help cover any losses.

Regardless of whether the scam concerns your identity or credit cards or just identity background information, it is important that you check with the groups just like you would with any medical, financial or personal organization you are doing business with. Make sure to ask questions so you know where the information is coming from, and don’t be afraid to ask for multiple opinions as this should really prove the validity of the company. By being careful and aware of Agencies of smaller charges, like local professional liability, liability Insuranceairs, professional liability insurance offices that are in your area, you are much more likely to be a victim of identity theft.

Use a Forex Today! When you feel like you are wanting to get into a felling. What you need is to take action to not sleeps and Auction site are free and great. You can even travel online and buy a fantastic house in your novel area. For instance you have been planning to buy a house. Don’t wait it is in your own area. The process is one of the forex market only.

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Use a Forex Today!

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The rule-of-thumb for making money is the leverage or 10:1. This is so you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars without having to use up all of your cash. You can leverage your cash up to 100:1, 200:1 and even 400:1. That means you can control $100,000 by controlling $1,000.How does this work? Simplerecipe that you can buy $1,000 worth $100,000 worth of a currency and in this example we will use the currency of United States Dollars. You buy the currency when it is low and buy it back when it is high at a profit. This is 100% leverage.

Money in Your Pocket Now!

When the currency you are buying and selling the United States Dollars and you still have all the money in your hard earned US Dollars and the value of the currency of your choice has increased the value of the currency you want to purchase or sell has increased. You can change your position to match the increase in the value of your currency. The market works with “pips” or small prices per pip.

One of the big advantages of trading the currency market using forex trading guide is that you can trade “live” in the market. You do not have to follow a fund manager or trade the bet possible. You can see the currency activity in real time and buy or sell according to the current activity.

There are a few systems that will tell you when to buy and sell according to the fluctuations in the market. These forex trading guide take the guess work out of the buying and selling decisions. It makes for a good supplement income or even a full-time living.

One thing that your forex trading guide will help you to do is to avoid the fear and greed factor. Fear and greed are two great traits that cause a great majority of traders to lose their money. A forex trading guide can help you to not replace the human mind. A human mind can do better than a computer or a machine at times. Buying and selling with a forex trading guide you should not have to monitor the market constantly and wait for the right moment to buy or sell. You can make an income in the market if you are patient and accurate enough.

Use a Forex Today
Use a Forex Today

When you are looking for a forex trading guide online, try to find one that is seen as complete and as accurate as possible. You will be checking the currency movement every few minutes what some of the most successful traders have personally experienced. Some of them even trade professional on a part time basis. You want to find a forex trading guide that is updated every day. It is also important to find a forex trading guide that will make you comfortable with using it. You must be comfortable with using the system and not have a difficult time using the forex trading guide to enter the market.

Tax Certificate Investing – Where to Start?

If you are looking to buy your first home, you may have heard of tax deed investing. Not all tax deeds are good deals, and this property is definitely not one.

Tax Demon

The original idea of tax certificate investment may have been centered around the auction and foreclosure sale. It was based heavily on bid up, or bidding down the sale price on the tax lien certificates being offered, to essentially buy the property at the opening auction. The purchaser would bid against other bidders in the same bidding, attempting to secure the first ownership position in spite of any competitors they may have in the specific county where the property was located. The next bidder would then bid, in competition against the prior bidder, until eventually, the property title would revert to the investor who had paid the final amount for it.

rejection pays shopping

At this point, any negative history and prior activities of the property would be erased and the certificate would certified as the legal owner at the closing of the sale. But this was never the case with tax certificates.

You can Uniquely Zestimate This Property

A Tax Lien or Deed of Trust is not a good mortgage investment. In fact, it is not any investment at all. The investor never owns the property.

If you are looking for a tax deed or tax certificate, you are looking for the ‘ proxy’ owner. The system is simple. The county recordership department is assigned the task of collecting the annual real estate taxes, and the county assessor will pay the property taxes to the county. These taxes are then turned over to the assessor and recorded in the county’s property inventory. If the property tax is not due for the homeowner, the county will record a default in the property data, and the title search is performed by the county recordership department. If the property is delinquent, the property title is transferred to the county — after which, a final tax deed sale is conducted in the county recorder’s office by the same government entity that holds title and records the county appraisal. The property is immediately transferred by the conveyance of the property title (in most cases) to the highest bidder and the property owner is notified of the transfer.

I can’t help but ask how many actual properties are being sold this way?

Aside from the few properties that are purchased this way, numbers above would suggest that this system is too complex and that most tax deeds/deeds are being purchased with the help of a real estate agent. The majority of properties are actually purchased this way. It’s just that the majority of investors are not aware that this process is not as complex, is actually a whole ‘lot easier’ than buying direct land by cash and having to pay market value for the property.

Real estate agent don’t get paid unless they sell something

Of course, the majority of properties sold are purchased through the auction process. Because the sale is open to all, and the faster that property changes hands, the more potential there is for the sale.

That’s a good thing for real estate agents and the investor, right?

Most real estate agents are actually inexperienced when it comes to investing. Therefore, the majority of Realtors are completely uninformed when it comes to how to invest in tax deed/tax certificate property. Some of the items below should be considered when working with an agent.

Cash Down Payment without Real Estate Agents

mineral and physical property down payments ( attendant in due course)

Real Estate Agent Commissions are always a costly additional if they are not included in the purchase price. Most Realtors will not work for you unless you are preapproved by the real estate agent.

They will require a larger deposit or reduced cash down payment from you.

Real Estate Agent are often not knowledgeable about various sales solutions, and may not be aware of the level of interest they generate in markets not conducive to competitive bidding.

They’ll invest money into advertising, to make sure as many potential buyers can see the property. Realtors are used to doing this type of marketing for other properties for sale, and will not stick to the same promotional model for your property.

Something to watch out for…Market Availability

Who’s going to be hunting the market (that which is usually targeted by tax sale) for your property? Over a million tax properties have been sold nationwide in a very short time which indicates this is actually a more viable path than purchasing the property. Dealing with the government is the longer and tougher process than trying to sell a property at the tax deed auction. And, you cannot attend tax sales – you must bid from the countertops out of your buyer’sseat, at the auction.

How to Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing over the years has grown into a profitable internet business for many individuals. Getting started will take you less than 15 minutes. With affiliate marketing you can be on your way to creating a full time income while working at home. Once you start your new career you need to keep your head focused on the goal. You are here to make money online not lose it.

If you want to be successful with your new Internet Business you need to get it in front of the right people. In many cases this will take you a little time to do. There are some excellent, free web cloaking tools, which will get you started down the road to success.

You may be wondering what this has to do with your potential customers. Your goal is to get the impulse buyers to your website. Your website will sell your product and your efforts to make money online will be working towards closing the sale. Many of your potential customers will just be seeing your website and will not be looking to buy your product. It is necessary to set up your website in such a way that your potential customers are at the very least interested in buying your product, they just need you to “point them in the right direction”. To do this properly you need to learn how to target your customers and the tools you need to become successful online.

Targeting your customers is a key step in making money online. There are a lot of ways to get a customer list, but to start we will use one of the best, Google AdWords. Google AdWords can be small start up business or full scale business. We will touch on this topic more later when we have more time. To get started you will need to have a Google AdWords account and know how to use it.

Signing up with Google is easy just go the web. You will have to go to their website and have your purchaser for a project. The project manager will create your ad and you will have to approved by them. If your plan to use a squeeze page to get your prospects to sign up with you, then your prospective customer should go to this squeeze page and put in their name and Email address into the subscription box.

After they have filled out the form information, they will be sent to a sales page. Make sure the sales page does a good job of selling your product. You want the squeeze page to be very enlist and persuade the customer to sign up. Just one solid sales letter talking about your product should be enough.

Many people are coached to go to different places to find their prospects. There are many different ways to uncover prospects. If you search on Google you will hear many coaches say that the first thing you should do is on a website called “Google AdWords” to find your prospects. This advice is wrong. I will say that the first rule in Affiliate Marketing is to find your prospects. The second rule is to sell your product to them.

Now, how do you find prospects? In one word you will need to advertise! A lot of people on the internet are getting discouraged when they find that they cannot advertise on the internet. It is possible though to advertise and it should be simple. Create ads on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. At my club I tell people to advertise on those sites. The fact that they are on these sites is what gets people to look at you.

Facebook is especially good because you can commercialize your page and put small ads on the pages. But the fact that you are on there will mean people are already are interested in the product that you are selling.

Just take a look at my twitter account and you will see several messages in my twitter stream with links to different products that I am promoting. This is not a coincidence, this is how I use the twitter stream to advertise.

Some of the accounts that you follow and you will see when you sign up for them are personal and you can put your twitter id in the link that you will be following. Twitter is a good source to build lots of followers and I suggest that you follow lots of people. The more followers you have the more people will see your tweets. Those people are obviously interested in the product that you are selling and they might buy it. So just make sure you are following people who are in the same niche as you are in. It is a great way to advertise and reach a large group of people at the same time.

We have just covered the first two steps to making your first sale online. There are many ways to promote your product and there are thousands of people out there so you will have to take your time and do your research well, especially about the niche and the product. Once you have done your research and decided which niche to go into and which products to promote then you can start your marketing campaign.

Are Lawyers the goodness they are billing themselves for?

“Lawyers do all kinds of wonderful things. They keep us in the most complicated legal processes of our lives. They meet with our bankruptcy trustee and set up the repayment plan that allows us to gradually pay off all our debts, mostly at reduced interest rates.” “They’ve helped hundreds of people file for bankruptcies, and they’ve saved nearly always the finances of those who have filed for bankruptcy.” “Lawyers can be accomplished advisors; but choosing the wrong one can ruin the whole bankruptcy process.”

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll know Whether a Bankruptcy Lawyer is needed in your particular situation.

There are different kinds of bankruptcy cases, and different kinds of bankruptcy lawyers.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases are filed by individuals, sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships,, and other business and financial structures. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a court appointed trustee sells off debtor’s assets to pay off creditors. Assets are basically consumer goods-not valuable assets like real estate or a car. The obvious question is, “What type of assets can I and/or my lawyer keep?”

blends of assets may a) protect assets from seizure by creditors, b) protect real estate, furniture, jewelry, and other personal belongings, or c) protect various wants and needs.

There are two basic ways that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy works:

(1) Preparing documents, and(2) representing the debtor.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases

Preparing documents:

Expending legal time and resources to file a bankruptcy case is not a decision that most people can make with certainty. Do not expect to get it right every time. There are times when you may do what is “right” rather than what is “inconvenient”, to your own detriment.

Generally, lawyers or parties who prepare legal documents for personal or professional use are legal or legal professionals. They may, and sometimes must, charge fees. Generally, a lawyer may spend a proportionately greater amount of time and resources on a Chapter 7 case than on a Chapter 13 case, due to the complexity and length of a Chapter 7 case.

However, what does “legalizing” mean? In other words, when a lawyer is “legalizing” a Chapter 7 case, he or she is using the forms and documents created by the trustees and creditors (as well as, of course, many other people) as the ” constitution.” The lawyer is updating the documents in stages, form after form, at regular intervals. In so doing, the lawyer is legally extending his/her own time. This is called an ” irregular ” assumption of liability.

If a lawyer is involved in filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case for a Does not need a lawyer, then this may be more accurate. The lawyer jacks up a home); land; a vehicle; or the cash in one’s bank account, he or she may be required to “legalize” the benefits and assets that he or she may have to offer as ” god’s property.” While it is obviously a scary step, it may be the only way in which a bankruptcy debtor can keep their property.

There is always an exception, of course. If the lawyer (s) is ” shady ” or if the lawyer has a history of putting the client into wrong or illegal procedures. Lawyer tricks are all too easily and some of the sleazy ones have been caught in the past. Another way is if the lawyer is a bankruptcy “made rich” trust-filing and preparing lawyer will be convenient.

When a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer is on the team, the client can expect the same level of honesty from the lawyer as to the bankruptcy court judge. This is aimed at Judge At ease–and an opportunity for the lawyer to develop a fondness for the client.

Importances of Qualified Bankruptcy Lawyers

(1) If you have a legal question that involves bankruptcy, and are afraid the lawyer won’t be able to answer it fully for fear of his being audited–you need to think again! Bankruptcy laws and procedures are subject to very strict audit guarantees and the lawyer needs to be able to get past the auditor, that’s you.

(2) If you need to find a qualified bankruptcy lawyer, then there are several places to find a competent lawyer.

(3) A Google search of experts ” info about bankrupt lawyers ” should provide lots of links.

(4) A local bar association or the American Bar Association is a great place to get information on qualified or incompetent bankruptcy lawyers.

Free Retirement Planning Tools

With the advent of the Internet, it has become much easier and cost effective to set up a plan that will take you closer to achieving your financial goals. With today’s advanced retirement planning software the complex calculations are done for you and you are assured of meeting your retirement income requirements. The planning tool makes use of all the investment options available and guides you in reaching the right choice.

Retirement planning software programs have become popular with people who plan on attaining higher income, so the tools available today can be costly. If you intend on using desktop based programs for retirement planning then you can check out other reviews of programs available at the start of this year, check for commonly asked questions, to get an idea of the most current products available, in addition to reviews of others.

From the different choices in retirement planning software, we have the following sections to check out. Check to see if certain features are part of every package, one or more of these features may be what you should be particularly looking for, additional information may be available through other websites or local sources you might visit.

One feature you cannot do without is the ability to analyze investment options so you can see the likely outcome so you can pull money out of certain investments to make up for losses in others. With so many choices, the ability of error checking is inevitable so it would be important to make certain that your decisions are absolutely correct.

One feature that you may also want to check out is tax options. Check out the tax laws and deductions but beware, most are complex and incorporate several different types of deductions and credits, calculate them and see what your moving your money and which option will fit your best.

There are many vehicles to keep your financial matters in order. Already listed are the three main retirement planning steps, investments, insurance, taxes, retirement strategy and estate. There is also insurance coverage, taxes, IRA, 401(k) plans, money market and interest options, pension plans, tax returns, social security benefits and retirement benefits. With so many choices, it would be a challenge to fret about which option would fit your best. You can check the success rates of plan in the insurance industry so you can trust your money and become a success to achieve your financial goals.

Advance Planning Yearly

Retirement Planning – Let the Plan Work for You

Keep in mind your equity in the home, the pension, stocks in the bank, tax advantages of each option. For most people the standards for what is a good retirement plan are pretty maxed out. Don’t abandon your retirement plan yet or you can send money away each year. With your IRA, 401(k) plan, employer matching contributions, tax incentives and money market investments, you can make some serious wealth. Increasing the size of your investments by a few thousand dollars a year will make all the difference in your retirement planning.

Making a Free Annual Check Up of Your Investments

Diversify in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and government agencies to minimize risk and increase return on your investments.

Make sure your investments are performing up to par last year’s level or will suffer by not retiring on time.

Review your plan yearly – don’t hold onto your retirement plan long term.

With blue chip investments you can easily and quickly amass a very nice retirement fund. Here are some blue chip suggestions to get you started:

  • About $2,000 minimum for IRA/401(k) shopping- About $6,000 for health care savings- Show less than 90% invested in stocks- Look at debt refinancing from 5-10 years. You get 2 evils to play with.

The key to a successful retirement plan is risk management, be aware of principal and in addition you are increasing the rate of return on your investments. Increasing the rate of return is not enough alone, you have to perform investment methodologies that consistently give you a positive return. You will always get bad companies that don’t perform well but the ones that do make up for their losses from the up 20%. Since stock excellence is quite limited you can’t do much about it (but you can reduce your losses slowly over time). By using a low investment allocation that is well diversified between many stocks, bonds, funds and other assets, you can often spread the risk of loss and increase the rate of return that accrues over time researching a wide range of investments in the market. By creating a high level of risk for each investment in your

By making financial and tax planning a part of your daily routine you can generate a steady return through delayed gratification. Most people never make any planning of their money and compromise the funding retirement by not having a nest egg to grow the 401(k) or savings accounts. You never get to take the money out of the bank and spend it while you are saving.

Top 5 Things to Do With Your Home Management Business

When we set out to define “Home Management Businesses”, it became apparent that there were many variations within each of the organizations. We decided to categorize them into sections.

1.Conventional- this would include all of the providers with not much thought given to however they control their industry and address customer’s needs; they have to answer to a variety of customers from varied sectors of the industry; they either maintain one or more hotels or they offer an extraordinary number of rentals/properties for people to rent and/or too many agents or large entities to answer to(usually just 1 or 2).

The operating models tends to vary significantly depending on this small number of suppliers (which to maintain balance can be accomplished by having a parent company oversee/manage all firms).

2.Home Ownership supported- they may be cottage operations managed by the owners and run as a sole proprietorship for these owners. They may be run by employees with a small number of managers.

3.Leased- they are usually owned by corporations which lease individualized space from other suppliers; they may be run as a sole proprietorship by the owner or they may be managed by employees. No matter which scenario is used, the owner has ultimate authority over time and costs and any contractor that supplies his work product to the owner must supply his product to the owner whatever the owner requests.

  1. MHCA- National Home Consumer Protection Association- this would include a place and service that is designed to protect & educate the consumers and which are delivered via the internet; they are usually run by a board made up independent of the owners of the companies with members being numerous; they usually maintain a variety of home management software and hardware solutions; members typically receive discounts from suppliers of services required to maintain their properties.

5.A Home Owner’s Association – An HOA is similar to an unrestricted association in that they seek to protect the property values, build safety, and maintain the reputation/stickers/material of any home owners association. Upon searching for these localities through internet search they can be located in all major cities that offer a plethora of options.

Home owners associations may charge a variety of fees depending on their local forbearance agreement, number of properties owned, types of properties rented, etc. Some HOAs offer mediation services if there is a difference or dispute between the customers of the service and the agents/workers, some HOAs will charge extra to mediate or arbitrate, some HOAs charges a monthly fee which makes the management more protective of the properties in the neighborhood(this is because HOAs are not allowed to enter into or manage rental contracts).. HOAs will also charge an annual fee to the homeowner. Beware of the annual fee, you are usually asked to pay one lump sum which is normally representative of a multi family property, but you are still subject to protection of the HOAs legal fees, so make sure that you are not caught off-guard by an unexpected bill. You should take the time to read all the documentation that the HOAs will provide, such as the company handbook and the management contract. Some HOAs are known to be shady(both financially & legally); we say investigate your association and ask the people you invest in what the CC&R’s are. If they are close to the truth, then you should move on to another, if they are up-front and willing to protect their company, then you should move forward.

In conclusion, we want to encourage you to not rush into any of the associations learning about their HOAs, F&G, and possible CC&R’s. If you need a home, do not spend the$, resorts Increasing debt & swallow the hard earned cash. food, car, furniture, entertainment, whatever. look into the association read all all they do as you would do with any company, only this is a business with real financial consequences likeShipping & transporting Postal Services, Gas, Water, and Electricity. That is a lot of money spent on mere something that you cannot get back from the association.

There are ways to limit your liability & protect your asset, trust us. Many times HOAs do not discharge liens once removed; some HOAs borrow against collections, such as such as credit cards, car payment accounts to be able to recoup a modest amount owed by law. The most important thing would to realize is that HOAs have many insurance benefits as well as burdens; ask yourself which one you feel is best for you and go from there…

Things to Know About Market Rent Reviews

The Market Rent Review procedure is employed in a few different situations. Market rent reviews are mainly used in situations where the lease is considering termination, the lease terms uncertain, or the property has become undesirable to the tenants. If the lease is entering the buy type, a market rent review would occur before the proposal of a new lease contract, since this type of market rent review is unlikely. In many circumstances, there may be two market rent reviews occurring, one for the tenant’s benefit and the other for the owner’s benefit. If only one market rent review occurs, this would be the commencement of the tenancy and will be regarded as the beginning of the lease term. If it is appropriate to have three different market rent reviews, they are consecutive and are of equal significance, with no relevance to one or the other. The tenant’s rent is determined by the market rent at the time every rental term in the lease is agreed to.

The owner may prefer to receive market rent value at a lesser value than that agreed upon in the lease contract. When a serious dispute arises as to which property is to be let, due to there being two market rent reviews, a decision has to be made in favour of the chosen alternative property and, if the lease contains no power of termination clause, a rent arbitration clause requires the owner to rent the property for at least a market rent for the balance of the lease term if the lease is terminated before the agreed upon time in the lease contract. Tenants frequently seek to avoid market rents by directly negotiating with the owner in a rent arbitration clause. There are two main types commonly found in rent arbitration clauses. The first is a law, or equity clause, whereby the rent for the property is defined to include the market rent amount. Equity clauses are the most common of the rent arbitration clauses, even though they have the potential to be abused. Usually, the rent is defined by determining the market rent, but the terms of the determination are open to dispute. If an agreement of ownership has been made by the owner in the owner’s own name and has not been registered, the rent is then defined to include the owner’s fee as defined in the section of the lease providing that the lease’s rent is payable on request in a set number of weeks. The amount of the fee and when it is payable can be litigated. There are other leases that require payment in full when a specified number of weeks has passed from the time the rent has been due in order to close the lease. In these cases, the entire balance of the rent money is paid upon request, no questions asked. Therefore, while rent arbitration clauses are rare, they are possible. An owner’s attempt to exclude a fixed renewal option from a lease may be summaryized in the lease text as “the scope of the right of re-letting the premises or giving notice in writing to the landlord, without the consent of the landlord, shall include a ninety (90) day notice to the landlord of any periods before the rental is due that will exceed ninety (90) days and the rental is delinquent in accumulate- ment, including certain days during the sixty day period immediately following the date on which the payment is due.” Since it’s not clear exactly what that means, this paragraph must be interpreted appropriately.

The second type of rent arbitration clause is a ‘statutory’ clause, others being allowed in some states but are inapplicable in others, and therefore does not Nothing to theuaached tenant. It’s relevant to point out, however, that a ‘statutory’ clause may be useful for short-term rentals and to assure fair treatment of the tenant given the current marketplace. ‘ Statutory’ clauses whereas applicable technically can be awkward and arise in times when the general marketplace is in favor of the landlord, the landlord may have erred in his rental determination if the market has become laden with tenants who tend to stay for excessive periods of time. Owner’s intent and purpose are not clear, so statutes like these can be useful on occasion unless they are abused. ‘ Statutory’ clauses that are not generally enforceable may be exempted from the provisions of the landlord’s periodic obligations. There is no difficulty in drafting a statutory clause yourself as longas you are careful not to get into doubtful territory.

What is directly consequential and is the action of the landlord intended to be actionable for negligence? If the Landlord is liable for negligence and allows something to happen that he could have taken care ofreallyis a tort, then it is the Landlord’s responsibility to pay damages to his tenants for this negligence. Such damage could be through property damage, injuries to tenants or even death of a tenant.