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Personal Vision – Tell it to the Universe

Personal Vision

Look around you. Everything you see is a result of someone’s intention, their focus, or attention. As we speak, It appears to be a reflection of whom we are. Collectively, we are all the creators and recipients of each moment.

“Be still and know that I am God.” Do you hear God calling? What is God saying to you? Do you hear Him talking to you?

We’re given alarm clocks to help us focus on what’s important. The alarm time clocks have begun an amazing transformation in our world. They began with a light switch that automatically began to turn on various lights in homes and offices. Light became more urgent and important as the years passed.

We might find ourselves forced to encounter animals spouting negative comments every single day. This negative gossip is devastating to our emotional beings and beliefs.

As individuals, we each are in control over what we let in our daily thoughts. No matter what we may hear, the words uttered around us constantly reinforce our beliefs. Think about the common core of most people. This core contains unspoken negative statements that, like the alarm clock of the world, keep us traveling through the same boring routines. Without that negative internal clock, we would each be able to dedicate the most productive 20% of our day to the things that truly matter.

Like an alarm clock, the alarm clock of your dreams is Praise. When you don’t pay attention, it too will just keep going on about its unimportant life. But if you awaken it and find Mind bringing praise, Peace and Patience to your ears, we can begin to change our perspective and expose our limiting beliefs that are often buried astounding neurological ” cancellations.”

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Personal Vision - Tell it to the Universe

Apers tell us that a person sows what he/she will reap. This means that you will reap whatever you sow. When right, it is easy to notice the visiting circumstances. But when we pay attention, we can choose to sow into the right seed and eventually reap the good.

Ask yourself:

  • Is my daily attention focused on gossip, gossiping, running automatically from negative words and body language?- Is my attention focused on Peace, Peace, Peace?- Is my attention focused on the positive results of good results?- Is my attention focused on the beautiful Present Moment?- Is my attention focused on what can and will be in the future?- Is my attention wrapped up in what is in my control?- Is my attention focused on doing things that will end pain and hurt?- Is my attention focused on the right results?- Is my attention focused on how to heal my emotions and tension?- Are you actively working on seeing the positive in the news?

Will you, with all of the countless choices of news, photos, audio, conversations, books, disabilities and politics, please just stop for one moment and do yourself somekindCommitment:

“I commit to consciously limiting my attention on the news and all the opinions on the news that enter my mind.”

Please listen and take action about the daily barrage of “news: facts” and then make your decision. This will be the most important choice of change in a lifetime.

Dr. Wayne Dyer,

“The power is in your choice. Then you choose to accept the power, which is in your choice… and it shall be done for you.”

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How can we help our fellow countrymen? Start in your own nation and be determined to spread the goodness of our nation. People are hurting and suffering. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

We all know that we are one equals at the workplace. The difference in workplace issues lies in how workers are treated. Most workers are not treated fairly, honestly, respectfully and honestly. “Someway, something is always going to be different when I place one of my people in a certain group,” said a paycheck clerk.

How will I know what that group is? My pastor, the other lady at the lions, the piano player, the nanny at the baby and the person that does my fee, are you one of the people I refer to as “Your Personal Friends.”

Church is a good place to start. If you know of a church, add yourself to their email list. If not, start by attending a few “dark” services. At “dark” services, we listen, we talk, we pray and we sing. With God’s “light” and his love, the Counselor will feel that which is common-weighted among all on the “light” side of God. Thus, he will be prepared to give an answer to your request and to pray for everything you need.

Add Yourself!

Don’t try to achieve success alone.

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