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Online Business Tips and Backlink Strategy [2021]

Online Business Tips – 2 Simple Mistakes to Avoid

If you are considering opening an Internet marketing business and are looking for some online business tips then I would like to start by warning you that some of your time and money will be wasted and when you try and put in the time in it takes to launch a 7 or even 10-year business you will usually leave with a business that just does not work as it should.

The main reason for this is most new business owners did not know exactly what they were doing and have not spent quality time learning it and so inevitably when they do not see the results that they expected they either give up and move on to another business or worse still lose money.

To avoid my next advice you need to start looking for a mentor, someone to guide you through the pitfalls and make it as simple as possible for you to build a successful online business. You can teach yourself things and will know by the steps if you are doing something wrong or right but with a coach, you know exactly what they do and can see the results of you doing those tasks.

In my experience, I have come across some good mentoring programs and they in my opinion will make it an easy and fun way to build a highly profitable online business.

Here are two simple mistakes you must avoid.

The first one is using easy to remember domain names such as number put I hope you see the problem here, none of your visitors will remember or memorize such domains and so as well funny the name itself is so similar to what their website is about so it is easy for them not to visit your site.

The second mistake is using the website as a multiple landing pages. What I mean is many Internet marketing programs now use one-page websites for lead generation and for sales and so on. But the way you should do it is very important to have a separate single landing page for each traffic source you are using.

Sending prospects to their website using a website that is too confusing for the prospect or hard to navigate is a waste of effort and traffic.

So think about what your landing page is going to say to your prospects and make the landing page is very simple for people and one that tells your visitor the right message.

Another mistake is not promoting your products or niche at the right time and to the right audience. All online business tips will tell you when and how you should do this.

You must have a good opt-in list to get new potential customers or you have failed to do so.

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Be aware of how you are promoting your website you must do it is a method that will get you the best results.

Try to avoid using too many website banners do not use too many web 2.0 sites and opt-in form introduce your visitors to flood you with numerous emails in the first place.

A great landing page will make sure you will get the highest possible click-through rate. One of my favorite landing page advice is that you should include short videos that show you what your potential customers will be getting in the price range you are selling or including sneak peeks or teasers, something must make a huge difference to a customer.

You must understand the pain that your prospective customer is going through; this is how to sell? When you have a clear idea of your customer support it’s extremely powerful. What does the customer need and what do they want to get out of their buying your product?.


Where do you want them to go to the next point in the sales process? In fact, get the customer to choose what step is that point and you will maximize the number of purchases the customer is going to make.

There are many other online business tips you can read on my blog and also grab my free-book. If you are going to build a successful online business one of the more important factors is that you must commit yourself to not only learning about it but taking action. Do not just learn and do nothing. Do something and make it a habit.

BONUS: Backlink Tactics for Your Website

If you are new to online marketing you are probably not sure about what backlink is. In other words, it is an incoming link from another website to your site.

When the search engines first started to appear, crawlers (robots) were used to find your site instantly. It was very difficult for a site to get high positions on the search engines. But the ‘robots’ could only go after the links from other sites. BUT, as the internet evolved, our search engines have become much smarter and they have started tracking the backlinks on your site.

Therefore, it is very important to get backlinks for your site. But the quality of the backlink varies a lot. In the past, getting a link from another site was considered very easy but many people started using ‘link farming’ strategies to get links from a bunch of different sites. These links were irrelevant and sometimes they even sold ‘ vote’ to your competitors. It was a bad practice.

But now, things have changed. The search engines, especially Google has started penalizing websites that use link farming techniques. And the quality of backlinks is also very important.

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In this section, I will try to explain a few great ways to get quality backlinks to your site.

There are mainly three link sources:

1. Network of Contact Directories.

2. Article Directories and

3. Profitable Content.

There are no magic one-way links that always win, But these three sources can be a threat and can make a lot of difference if done well.

First I want to tell you that almost everybody thinks that the best way is to get a quality one-way link from an authority site. As long as you can clearly see ( figure below ), I did not say that it is a must.

But I can see that many people are forgetting that a website does not rule by authority alone. You can still find a lot of authority sites with low PR and I am not talking about PR 4 and higher sites with paying president of pages. But definitely for me, the quality of the backlink is really important for authority sites…

1. Article Directories.

As an expert in my niche, I can submit a lot of different articles to article directories. However, getting a quality link is a bit harder and longer way.

First, I will take you through the steps for writing an article.

2. Affiliate Links:

Many companies want you to promote their products. In fact, there are thousands of different opportunities out there. Therefore, it is very important for website owners to look for affiliate programs, banners, Yahoo Answers, images, and all other internet resources which can bring to an increase in visitors from your site. There are two types of affiliate links:

a. Reciprocal Link:

This type of link sharing is very helpful. It will help your site to get a new, quality backlink. You will also get some money by providing commissions to your affiliates.

b. Viral Link:

Here your blog will be a buzz. Again, you will get some money.

3. High-page rank pages.

We all know that the higher the page rank, the more traffic a site can have. But it can be a time-consuming job for them to create links for you.

But you can find some high PR pages that can create valuable links for your site.

Although, as I told you, a site must have a lot of backlinks, but not more than 20 to achieve high rankings.

You can find many resources on the internet. But you should be reluctant. It makes more sense to get a quality backlink than anything else.

Other people can give you link software as well. But it is better for you to create links on your own.


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