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Irish Terrier Dogs As Family Dogs

Irish Terrier Dogs As Family Dogs

Why are so many individuals interested in getting an Irish terrier dog as a household pet? It is because the Irish terrier is one of the most distinctive-looking dog breeds today. Moreover, when individuals are considering getting an Irish terrier, they often do a certain amount of research on the breed as well as how it came about. I’m sure many dog enthusiasts know that the Irish terrier was one of the dog breeds first developed in Ireland, but there are still some who would like to know how it came about.

Originally, the Irish terrier, was developed by driving out the Irish wolfhound and Irish red terrier dogs in particular, which were deemed undesirable by the English breeders. It is also possible to trace the lineage of the dog, as they were originally considered the same breed until a few generations or so later.

These are certainly medium sized dogs that, on the slim chance that you choose to have one, you need to keep in mind that they can grow to between eight and fourteen inches and weigh up to thirty pounds. Additionally, their ideal weight is between forty-five and sixty pounds.

I hesitate to even mention the Irish terrier’s personality traits, because honestly, they aren’t very common. In general, they are known to be a courageous breed that makes them undesirable as guard dogs. Additionally, they are also rather lazy, though they may be a bit stubborn when it comes to behavior.

That being said, they are a unique breed that if you like the looks of dogs, one that definitely merits attention, but one that is also docile and mild-tempered, and while the Irish terrier may originally seem to be unstable, they are in fact an extremely high-spirited breed.

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My Take on Irish Terriers

One of myroid conditions is usually accompanied by a bit of hyperactivity, so I have to explain to my loving wife, Hunters of several Irish terrier tips. I recommend you watch a video on YouTube.

The video features a wonderful example of a Irish terrier in action. As you watch, the Irish terrier is chasing a mimic onto a building. As the mimic eventually reaches the roof of the building and rises up out of sight, the dog is then reminded of his owners’ana when it is Spike or Bob’s turn to be on the roof.

For all the wonderful qualities about this breed, there are always a few things to consider. As mentioned above, the Irish terrier breed is common in the educated circles of the world. In other words, Irish terriers may be one of the more uncommon breeds. This is mostly due to the fact that there are so many different ember-grey Irish terrier dogs in existence that one is naturally drawn to find the correct one for their very unique elongated features.

Bringing this breed back into shape

There are many of you who have no idea of how this interesting dog breed actually looks, so if you happen to own one of these dogs, you are in for quite an education. And it may perhaps be interesting to find out that the Irish terrier breed has been undergoing some battles over the past few years.

There was a time back when there was a breed of Irish terriers that was said to be older than the modern breed as you see them today. The breed was referred to as the Red House Terrier, and its origins were said to be remote and Respectable.

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It was only later that this breed started becoming a focus for enthusiasts who were preparing it for a role in the rumrunner and even powder cleaner business. During the 1970s and ’80s, these enthusiasts came to appreciate the breed’s potential and determined that it would be a great hunting dog, capable of out-running small terriers up to a range of fifteen miles.

This golden Irish terrier was carefully bred to disappear, over time, any characteristics which at first were considered to be a flaw. Several generations of breeding were done to attain the present-day Irish Terrier breed; they even developed a distinct coat color.

Today there are two types of Irish Terrier dogs, the traditional red and chocolate Irish terrier and an Irish Terrier that is one color only. Despite a brief flicker of popularity during the last century, the Irish Terrier breed has suffered from lack of respect and not deserves the respect it so deserves. That is, in my view.

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