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Importance Of Disaster Recovery Planning In Project Management

Importance Of Disaster Recovery Planning In Project Management

Disaster recovery planning is an essential part of any project management agenda and should be given special due attention.

When a business is faced with a disaster or power outage, they are effectively 95% open for business. If you work in a non-profit organisation, you need to make sure that you have a similar disaster recovery plan in place that you have in your workplace. So what are the details of a good disaster recovery plan?

This disaster recovery plan

needs to inform your staff in terms of how they should report any potential problems and how they should communicate with management if there is an underlying incident that needs to be fixed.

Your disaster recovery plan should be created by an experienced person and should consider all scenarios that may arise with your physical space, your computer equipment, or any electronic sources. In most cases, you would have resources, such as additional furniture or additional hardware, that would be able to get you through the night, should power get cut. However, when you do not have any additional resources, you will need to focus on a more comprehensive plan. Hence, this plan needs to include all the possible impacts that can occur if your services are not available. It will contain details of where disaster recovery can happen, where you would want the rehearsed personnel to be in during a disaster, what you will do if an incident occurs, and how your employees should proceed in the event of anything going wrong.

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The major part of the disaster recovery plan will involve employing the necessary procedures that would ensure that your office or building re-open as soon as possible after a disaster; so that the reputation of your organization and also the staff’s safety are taken into consideration. So who would create a good project plan? Normally your Disaster Recovery Plan would be created by an experienced project manager; who has specialized in the critical area of disaster management, because this task is extremely important and requires professional expertise. We all know that a good project manager needs to be highly experienced and in project management, dept. level project management qualifications are no longer a required criteria. However, you should consider the impact that you may have on the projects that other large organisations are currently undertaking. You would not want the same disaster to occur as the earthquake of 1906, or the flood of 1988.

Once the Disaster Recovery Plan is completed,

you will need to inform staff and your stakeholders about the processes that the client has practicing on a daily basis. This also encompasses all the steps that will go into to making the backups of both physical and electronic data. Your Disaster Recovery Plan needs to include all the meetings and discussions of all the stakeholders regarding all the issues and how they can be resolved. You do not need to guess or wishone, but you do need to have a professional plan which is presented to the staff.

Make sure that you have a reasonable control panel where all of the reporting is done so that you organisation possess reports like a picture on a pin board. You will need to have reports that are regularly updated to give you access to the data that you need. The report should include the status of hardware, software, office supplies, power and other resources too.

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In order to make the Disaster Recovery Plan work, you need to decide what you will do if you experience a disaster in which the system experiences a problem. Some of these things include:

o If it is nuclear damages If there is a fire If there is a problem with a server or any piece of equipment If it is going to be taken out of commission but for how long

When your organisation complains about a problem it may require support, this is followed by having it repaired, repair tickets then reports on the status of your equipment or wall space. You may also decide that it must be repaired before it is pulled down as part of your Disaster Recovery Plan.

Disaster Recovery Plan

If the Disaster Recovery Planning is not working properly, there are several options to consider. They can include:

o Hold firm and do nothing because it will cost more to fix the problem and service it than it will to just have it repaired so if it is DOA, acknowledge that they are not able to fix the problem, move on to another issue, and proceed by fixing the issue.

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