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How To Get Referrals – Find Out How To Receive Referrals

How To Get Referrals – Find Out How To Receive Referrals

Although this piece of writing is indeed for the business owner who actually wants to know how to get referrals for his business, this information will work for the business owner who is trying to implement a referral system in his organization.

Before I rehash the referral system and old “referral game” phrase, I want to share something. Although I have successfully trained hundreds of salespeople over the years as to great ways to obtain referrals, many still do not take proactive steps to ask for it. On the other hand, I have trained a lot of people with great business development experience, and which had business development strategies. Those salespeople who did not take the time to develop a solid referral strategy did not generate a large volume of qualified referrals, and finally got stuck with paying the price for a referral program.

The Question Is – How To Get Referrals

I’m going to share some secret insight into that question ‘How to get referrals’ for your business, and even provide some guidance on how to generate even more referrals.

Yet, before I begin, I want to stress that I am very much in favor of asking for referrals. I’m not suggesting that you be “inbegan afresh” or that you be “the best referrer in the world,” rather I’m pointing out that you have been asked for referrals. It’s only a matter of time and circumstances, and whether or not those tactics were well thought out or not, the fact of asking for your referrals will usually turn a novice into an experienced professional or entrepreneur.

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If you are a business professional and think your way to the top in your organization, or even believe you are a business professional, please do not try to come up with a referral system that makes sense to YOU alone.

That is why it’s important to read this very carefully.

In order for your referral plan to work for you, you must already be a lead generator, so what do I mean by that? The best way, and by far the quickest way to generate new business is to offer them a service they need. Follow that simple advice, and watch your business soar.

Easy Materials

Now that we know exactly what we need to do, let’s get down to business and become proactive. We need to start thinking and acting strategically.

What do you need to do today to generate more good quality referrals?

Do you know the difference in a good referrals vs. an average referral?

Perhaps you are asking me whether or not following up is the key to success?

If you ask me, I’d love to say yes. If you want my personal favorite, I’d say so.

Follow Up Weekly!

But you like me, and probably many other business owners, have been so busy, so streamlined that interviewing lots of new prospects, that you must keep following up with those new prospects. And when you often fail to follow up weekly, you lose that momentum, and find yourself losing more prospects and clients than you are gaining.

It’s an easy mistake to start because you are so busy. It’s even a bit embarrassing when you tell that prospect what you just learned about him or her, at that moment only to discover that you didn’t follow up at all. I had a few moments like this as a salesman, and you probably do, too.

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When you tell someone what you just learned about them, or what you learned on their behalf, slowly but surely you are also secretly imagining your other prospect’s reaction. Now you want your prospects to say, “I just discovered, and 100% agree with, the follow up that I absolutely love!”

All you have to do is be proactive

All you have to do is be proactive with it, be the one to do the follow up. Let’s return to the earlier question, “do you know the difference in a good referral vs. an average referral.”

Now, despite that deep subconscious answer, we can actually notice the weight that good prospective referrals have going for them. Yet, the typical prospect will still say “no,” when asked for a referral.

Here’s a case when a prospect just confuses in his or her mind.

A young insurance agent was hearing more than her share of people saying, “I’m not really interested in any insurance.” When I asked how they knew, she replied, “I just said to one of my friends, and she told me…” Her friend told him, “She said to me she just said she already wanted me to start saving money on her car insurance.”

No wonder people say “no” to insurance…

How To Get Referrals

I hope you were able to find how to get referrals in this article.

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