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How to Choose the Best Domain Names

Choose the Best Domain Names

A website is made up of many individual Web pages. Apart from individual pages, your website ( collectively known as domain) will be made up of many different services including e-mail, e-commerce, blog, forum etc. These WebPages are then linked together so that they would look natural to you and the visitors in terms of your content and niche market.

It is important to choose and register a domain name that won’t attract internet banning and intentional blacklisting. Internet banning and intentional blacklisting is never a great idea, because these instances will lower the trust and genuine reputation for your online business.

When you are in the decisions to register a domain name, the following practical considerations should be given in order to choose the right domain name. These factors should be taken into consideration to enable you to make the right decision:

Good domain names will have major keywords in it. A search engine friendly site definitely ranks higher in a search engine than a site with weird decipherable names.

First opinion

This decision will depend on your experiences in the online marketing world. You should not worry about what other people think because they are just opinions. If you have had a good experience in online marketing, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Hence, choosing a good domain name is a matter of experience and observation.

It will be a good choice if the domain name is professional, brandable and easy to remember. Try to avoid uniqueness.

Online marketing

If you have your own business, online marketing will be of utmost importance to your success. Therefore, it is a good choice to register a domain name that is relevant to your web business.

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Internet will always assume that natural ranking. Hence, if your domain name is branded with your customers will know who you are. The main advantage of this is that even if for some reason you are banned from search engines, you will still have some ranking in the organic search engine rankings. The main disadvantage of this is that you will have to deal with people unfamiliar with your domain.

We measure your web presence via domain names. This will lend a lot of credibility to your online business, which ultimately leads to your more success in term of making sales.


Blogs, forums and other business services like news letter are some examples of services. To me, the worst thing about these services are that they incorporate your search engine optimized with generic text and hence lead to getting banned by search engines. For this reason, the best choice is to register your domain name with a specific key word that is related to your niche market and that gives a sense of return custom.

Do not hesitate to check with domain name registrar whether there is any free domain name transfer offer. Most domain registries offer the facility to transfer domains from other domain providers if you pay for it. Be careful of any offer you receive.

How to Choose the Best Domain Names

Other services

Basically, all there is to search engine ranking is being back linked with related text, so other areas such as blogging, social networking, online businesses, e-commerce etc. should also include their domain names.

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rant, commit, prosper, publish, etc.

If you have been doing badly online and have no profits or online business, you should control yourself and get serious about building up your online presence. It may be a help to check what you have been doing wrong all along. Even if you think it does not work, that is better than leaving to fly by the seat of your pants.

Whom are you talking to?

Choose the right domain name by trying to look at it from your target customers’ shoes. Try to think of a unique domain name which is keyword rich. It should be a sentence, and preferably a major keyword at the first of the sentence. Try to keep it as short as possible without more than two or three words, otherwise you will get a lot of impressions.

If you can’t think of an appropriate domain name, it will be a huge advantage if you register a domain name correct for the theme of your Web page and concentrate on that. Once you implement that, you can begin with waiting for traffic and conversions. If you notice a rise in traffic, the problem is well behind you.

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