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EyePet For PS3 Game Review

EyePet is a virtual pet game for Sony’s PS3. Much like the Nintendo DS’ prior, EyePet is designed to work both with your PlayStation Eye and with a USB probe. Users will be able to interact with their EyePet through a variety of methods, such as petting, tickling, and manipulating the parameters of your pet’s environment.

The first thing you will be able to do when you access the game is create your pet. To create your pet, you will simply choose a name, a face, and a weight. The duration, duration, and stretch of the pet’s life is entire dependent on the features you choose. In the beginning, you will be able to hurry things up, but eventually, you will be in control.

The interface is substantial, with plenty of control options. Many of the basic action buttons are present, with a timer button and a health bar. Below the interface, you will see a wheel to control the camera’s movement, a first-person view, and the ability to click to share, accept, and edit actions. In the upper-right portion of the screen, you will see a multi-touch pad. Currently, this pad is just used to select the player’s options, which will be expanded later on. recurring to the interface, you can tap the pad anytime to perform a move. However, to do so, you must highlight the move, then place your fingers over the move number on the pad. You can then finger your way across the screen, and perform the move.

Once the EyePet begins moving on its own, you can take care of it. You issue commands to keep your pet happy and healthy. You can feed it, play with it, groom it, and pamper it. The choices are varied, and the attention to detail on the part of the developers is commendable.

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The game should assist you on your mission to better understand the emotions of animals. It lets you show affection and show your commitment to companion animals, without invading their privacy. EyePet can be both educational and fun for both adults and children alike. The entire game takes about 6 minutes, and you can play it over and over again, until you think you have it exactly right.

Once you have an emotion meter for your pet, you can keep track of your intensity of feelings towards it. You can rabidly feed your pet, ignore it, wishes, and other negative emotions, and still manage to keep it happy. Subtlety is a fantastic attribute of this game, and provides a wonderful escape for those who know how to better understand the emotions of an animal. You will become attached to your pet, which will impact the choices you will make throughout the game. Is your buddy rubbing the back of his head, or combing his hair? Do you tickle it behind its ears, or nuzzle it as it snuggles quietly? There’s so much positive interaction with your furry friend, you’ll definitely miss outdoor play!

You can also use this game as an educational tool, as there are several choices for you. Some of the Teaching Tools are disabled, so you don’t even have to worry about making a mistake. There are many roles you can play, such as movie theater manager, restaurant manager, theater manager, basically anything that involves the management of a show or restaurant.

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This game is absolutely delightful, and you will not be able to stop once you sit down and start playing. You can choose to play in a single, second, or full play mode. Playing in full blast mode will allow you to view the ghosts of your completed quests, and will save your progress. Second mode, on the other hand, allows you to slow down the action and take a peek at all of the things you need to complete in the game. Your choices are ultimately yours; however, expect some considerable replay value with full mode.

The Provided Overview Trailer

The provided overview video is one of my favorites, as it not only provides a glimpse at the actual game, but also offers a glimpse of the TV show! This is the type of presentation that will either entice you to give the game a try, or to put it down and move on to your jam packed games.

Full Gameplay trailers

The full video walkthrough for the game is also a fantastic video to watch. This video gives you a fantastic look at some of the game play and some of the challenges that you will be facing. Being advertised as having 8 separate quests, each with a number of different variations, this game is certainly going to be a very enjoyable one. Each quest leads you to a completely different area, and some are very challenging.

You can also expect to see some nice marketing coming from BioWare, including videos, screenshots, and videos of the characters and of the combat.

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