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5 Promotional Products You Can Use

5 Promotional Products You Can Use

If you are about to undertake a dollar store start-up, don’t forget all of the great promotional products that are available for purchase. You will find that these products will help to draw attention to your store and will contribute to making the store a success. Many offer the same old products that daily business owners have seen work for them, but when you start a dollar store the competition isn’t as evenly matched. There are more new and different products available; and the right products will work to influence shopper buying habits. In this article I present 5 products you can consider putting in your store when first opening. While there are many other products, these are excellent starters to store shoppers are west to start your business on the right foot.

  1. Promotional tape. Most everyone uses tape in all sorts of situations, and it is easy to take and pass along. However, the tape you use needs to be durable, easy to understand, and easy to cut and use. The following products will fit all of those needs:
  2. Promotional Screen Cleaner. There is some unsaid good will about having your name on the side of the screen cleaner, but most people regard generic name brands as acceptable. But name brands can mean a lot when customers get water on their clothing. Spending some time on the promotional piece will include their name, company logo, and maybe a couple lines about your business. These products will be great for any sort of business use as they have a great durability, are easy to carry and are reasonably priced.
  3. Promo screen cleaner bags and variants. These bags are made with a great intention to impress shoppers in their movement. You may be able to use them to provide a sample of your product for a store visit. They might be perfect to offer a sample for new shoppers preparing for their first purchase. Or they might be a great weekend giveaway.
  4. Promotional mugs. This is one of the most inexpensive ways to provide some strong marketing message to those who use coffee. Be sure to have enough mugs displaying your business name and a briefly worded message. Some are designed to have you intelligence u illumination to help illuminate the on the front of the mug. Others might have a picture that is pertinent to your business, and some don’t even engage places2.
  5. Wall clocks. This isn’t the first promotion product purchases that you will think about when you start a dollar store, however wall clocks can provide a great way to add a touch of personalization to your start up. Add your company name and use them as a giveaway with your logo somewhere on the back of the clock. Once again most are designed to sit on the wall in plain view, and you could have them screen printed.
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Promotional Products

Many of these promotional products provide a tremendous opportunity to build sales and a start up to become a success. If you do your homework, and fully understand which products to choose, your business will increase well before you have had a single store opening. Don’t forget that these are just the very beginning items that will be used in those early days of your business. Your good fortune can really begin after a little more hard work has begun.

Promo Mini-Some come in small containers that are placed in plain view on the counter and at check out areas. These are great products to hand out in locations where your own sales representatives don’t normally travel.

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