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3 Power-Packed Traffic Strategy You Can Use to Advertise Your Website

Best Strategies You Can Use to Advertise Your Website

So you have set up your website, you have your domain, you have your hosting and everything is ready to go, it just needs traffic. But where do you start. Well there are a few methods that will give you guaranteed traffic to your site, but I’ve found the following 3 methods, the core of any traffic strategy. Compared to most things out there, these methods will bring you targeted traffic which is the most important factor in the success of any traffic generating endeavour. I mean if you can generate traffic to your website by targeting the search engines with these methods, people will be exposed to your webpages automatically.

Generating Website Traffic

Having your own website will give you something no one else can draw or earn on, so you must know how to firstly get your site noticed.

Article Marketing

This is the easiest and most cost effective method. This method is based on writing articles describing your websites design, function and the benefits it has for the customer, then submit the same to various article directories. Placing a link, or a small advertisement, at the very end of the article is usually sufficient and doesn’t cost you anything, if any at all. You should submit to directories which are related to your websites type, in searches for your information by visitors, and not just web spiders. Most directories will accept your article without any links as this is a very high PR site and they are free directories.

Now remember that your articles will represent your brand, your company, your goods and services, so it’s important to these and be descriptive and honest about the facts.

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If you don’t have a lot of trust in writing, then you can also place the articles on your website or company blog. Just ensure that all articles are 100% original. Look up the several guides out there on writing articles. They are certainly worth the extra time and effort. You can also find templates online to use, but you will need some knowledge to use them. I would advise you to use Microsoft Word or any other word processor, as they automatically format the texts for you. If you use a word processor, make sure you do some basic technical clicks for your grammar and punctuation.

Viral Marketing

This is a tool that is hardly actually utilised by many, but if done well, it can be an effective way to generate tons of traffic. Viral marketing is all about generating a buzz. Placing a link in a high profile, attention grabbing key term or buzz related article or the like will invite people to pull their mouse over to your site, thus increasing your click on-line traffic. It’s better to offer a free web-based tool to encourage people to spread your message. People love free stuff, and the more you advertise for free the better. Viral marketing is the perfect way to generate loads of traffic to your site. We can also tell you how to place your articles on high PR site.


Forums may seem like an old fashioned method of promotion, but I’d disagree. Forum participation is still a very popular on-lineexcmental traffic rudlasting methods. Forums are fighting� competitive market placeandwill always be a good source of instant traffic. If you have essential new products or services that you want your customers to know about, then forums are ideal for this purpose. Simply make sure to use sticky tags when you are posting with your signature link and you will begin to see instant traffic. Forums are also a great place to advertise your website, but always aim for quality and not quantity. Don’t just spam forums with products, or non related links. Be OF mediocrity here, as that will not benefit your successes in generating traffic to your site. Traffic will send the message loud and clear, on the Internet anyway.

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Advertising via PayPerClick advertising is a great way to get instant traffic. It is a serious traffic strategy, for which you need to provide a budget and use adverts relevant to your keyword strategy. The main facts in PPC are associated with keyword research. If I were to explain to you exactly what you should be doing to make a profit then I would be here all day. But if you use this method with the following basic principles, you can expect to see instant traffic.

3 Power-Packed Traffic Strategy You Can Use to Advertise Your Website

Start by writing some keywords and create a list of them. On Google and Yahoo, it is easy to find the relevant keywords related to your site. You will then have phrases like ‘click here’, ‘visit here’, ‘ adm wa clicks’, etc, but if you have some phrases like ‘grow water plantedTom Radical’ you will want to make a list of the phrases, that relate not only to your site, but just to your general web-searchers.

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